Luxury care for your hair at home!

The collections below are in stock in salon. We do advise coming in for a consultation to be assured on correct prescription for the best possible experience with Kerastase at home.

!!!NEW!!!   Aura Botanica  !!!NEW!!!

NEW!!! - Kerastase welcomes the new Aura Botanica range that is 98% natural origin ingredients of coconut and argan oils - sourced sustainable and fair trade. (the other 2% being made up of stabilizers and perfumes) - Enjoy the exotic blend of natural oils and incredible aroma from the 10th of April!

Bain Micellaire - Gentle aromatic shampoo for dull, devitalized hair

Soin Fondamental - Intense moisturizing conditioner for dull, devitalized hair

Concentre Essential - 99% natural origins oil blend designed to be used in the hair or hands to hydrate and nourish the hair.

Essence D'eclat - A dual spray made up of the oil blends to provide a light mist to hydrate and add shine to the hair.

Nutritive Collection

This range provides moisture and nourishment to the hair fiber from the first shampoo. From slightly dry to very sensitized ends, this range has a deep conditioning product to suit your needs. 

Bain Satin 1 - A light shampoo for normal to slightly dry hair

Lait Vital - Light conditioner for normal to slightly dry hair

Bain Satin 2 - Shampoo for dry to sensitised hair

Masquintense - Intense Conditioning masque

Nector Thermique - Nourishing heat protector creme


An in salon treatment is available in this range

Magistral Range

The deeply nourishing properties in the Magistral range is recommended for very dry sensitized hair.

Bain Magistral - A nourishing cleansing shampoo that cleanses and hydrates severely dried-out hair

Fondant Magistral - A light conditioner for severely dried-out hair

Masque Magistral - A deep nourishing treatment masque that can be used for normal to thick hair for severely dried-out hair

Creme Magistral - Nutrition balm for severely dried-out hair for use in wet and dry hair 

Discipline Collection

The complete regimen for 72 hours of frizz and humidity control. Discipline hair care products work to smooth frizzy hair and create beautiful, free flowing hair, heat protection and faster blow drys.

Bain Fludealiste - Smoothing shampoo - anti frizz

Fondant Fluidealiste - Smoothing conditioner

Maskeratine - Smoothing intense conditoner

Keratine Thermique - Smoothing, anti-frizz heat protector creme (normal to thick hair)

Fluidissme - Smoothing, anti-frizz heat protectot spray (fine to normal hair)

An in salon smoothing treatment is available in this range


Curl Ideal Range

Finally a curl range that is designed to provide less fizz and more control - the products are made to work with the hair and not strip oils but instead encourage and work with your curl

Cleansing Conditioner Curl Ideal - Shape - in - motion cleansing conditioner Shampoo that doesnt aggravate cuticle allowing less fizz

Masque Curl Ideal - For over-voluminous unruly curly hair

Mousse Curl Ideal - Definition bouce care mousse

Oleo Curl Creme Ideal - Control cream adding shine and hydration and control

Elixir Collection

The beautifying oils presented in the range help to nourish the hair leaving it feeling soft and supple with shiny and hydration. 

Bain Elixir Ultime - Cleansing shampoo

Fondant Ultime - A light milk conditioner for fine to normal hair.

Masque Elixir Ultime - Nourishing conditioner

BB Creme Elixir Ultime - Leave in conditioning treatment

Elixir Oil - All hair types, heat protection up to 230 degrees. Anti frizz properties and smooths.

!!NEW!! Elixir Mist Oil - Fine to normal hair types, adds voume and gives shine and hydration

Chronologiste Collection

 Our luxury range gives your hair a new life with rare ingredients like Abyssine - found 3000 meters under sea level. Experience the soft, soothing, strengthening with deep nourishing effects with colour and UV protection.

Soin-Gommage - Pre-shampoo for deep purification and scalp activation

Bain Revitalisant - Regenerating bath for exceptional cleansing

Creme Regeneration - Regeneration mask for long-term hair and scalp transformation

Parfum En Huile - Sublimating perfume oils for ultimate hair beauty.

Chronologiste offer a luxury in-salon treatment with blowave for $70

Resistance Collection

A strengthening range boosting with rich protein fibers to give defense against chemically damaged hair. This collection has two parts, 1-2 for low erosion levels and 3-4 for very damaged hair.

Erosion Level 1-2

Bain Force Architecte - Strengthing Shampoo for dry, brittle hair that is chemically damaged

Ciment Anti-Usure - A lightweight conditioner with protein base

Masque Force Architecte - A external conditioning treatment cream

Ciment Thermique - A heat protective, high protein blowdrying lotion

Fibre Architecte - Dual Serum for damaged ends

Erosion level 3-4

Bain Therapiste - Balm in shampoo fibre quality renewal care

Soin Premier Therapiste - A light conditioner for fine to normal hair that can put on before you shampoo

Masque Therapiste - Deep conditioning treatment masque for very damaged hair

Serum Therapiste - Dual treatment for very damaged lengths - heat protective also.


A lightweight, volume range that gives a thickening body effect without weighing the hair down.

Bain Volumifique - Thickening effect shampoo

Gelee - Thickening gel treatment conditioner

Volumifique Mousse - light amplifying mousse


Reflection Collection

A high shine colour range that is designed for those with highlights and colour. Enriches the hair fibre and locks in colour molecules while gently cleansing the hair.

Bain Chroma Riche - Luminous softening shampoo 

Chroma Riche Masque - deep conditioning masque conditioner that holds your colour and

Bain Chroma Captive - Colour radiance protecting shampoo

Chroma Captive - Shine intensifying care light conditioner


Ground breaking technology brings a texturing range while cleansing the hair. Adds body and substance by envelopes the hair fibre making it feel thicker.

Bain Densite - A texturing shampoo

Masque Densite - texturing external conditioner that hydrates.

Serum Jeunesse - Hair youth serum that softens grey hair and makes the hair more manageable

Densimorphose - Densifying treatment mousse 

Capill Vials - Hair maintenance programme with stem cell science



A Cleansing range designed for those with sensitive scalps. the hypoallergenic soothing effects help calm the scalp. great as a range to have in between treatments of scalp issues like dryness or dandruff.

Bain Vital - Designed for normal to combination hair - NO SILICONE

Bain Riche - Designed for dry hair - NO SILICONE

Intense anti-discomfort soothing care - A calming soothing 4 week scalp serum for trouble areas on sensitive tight scalp.


Bain Anti-Pelliculaire - Shampooing cure for drandruff prone scalps that are dry or oily - NO SILICONE

A range dedicated to scalp conditions to help aid and correct.

Intense Long-Lasting Anti-Dandruff Care - A 4 week Treatment scalp serum to provide relief for dandruff scalps




Bain Divalent - For hair that is prone to be oily at scalp and sensitized on ends - NO SILICONE

Masque Hydra-Apaisant - Renewing cream gel treatment for scalp and hair, can be matched with any Specifique Shampoo. - NO SILICONE

Hair Loss Care

Energizing collection design specifically for hair loss. the range is dedicated to stopping hair fall and promote the hair to stay in longer allowing a stronger fight against thinning hair.

Bain Prevention - Energising shampoo for thinning hair

Stimuliste - Anti-hairloss spray to help maintain hair thickness

Aminexli - Hair loss programme designed to remove the oxygen in the bulb and energies penetrate the shaft to stop hair fall.


Innovative steam cells are the key to hair regeneration. With this serum your hair will feel thicker and fuller to touch and have more shine and elasticity within 7 days. Within 1 month it will reduce hair breakage by 93%. the quality of hair is improved and left stronger from the roots.

Couture Styling

From wet styling through to finishing your style, here is Kerastase stand alone styling range

Materialiste - Flexible hold all over thickening spray gel

Curl Fever - Medium hold curl shaping gel

Creme De La Creme - Medium hold blow dry control cream

V.I.P - Volume in powder is strong hold factor while adding texture

L ' incroyable - Incredible blowdry lotion that gives high shine and long wear hold. Anti greasing for upto 4 days, it is weather proof and active proof, meaning you can go dance the night away and ytour style will last the night!